NXT Dairy Free Chocolate at Chocablock

NXT Dairy Free Chocolate at the Chocablock studio at Corris Craft Centre  

May 9th 2022

New this month at Chocablock

The Chocablock Team are excited to launch their brand-new to market:

NXT generation dairy free chocolate. It’s made with Chufa (tiger nut plant extract). 

NXT is Soy free, Gluten free, Dairy free, Lactose free and vegan friendly. 

NXT provides the same balance and creaminess that you would expect from Belgian chocolate. NXT is healthier and made with 100% plant-based ingredients and without any E-numbers or artificial colours. NXT is the eco friendly chocolate, all ingredients come from renewable sources. 

The small team at Chocablock have spent time tasting a lot of dairy free / vegan friendly chocolates on the market and they believe this is a game changer for milk alternative chocolate. 

Drop into their shop at the Craft Centre or check out their online store for some of the amazing flavours including mint, raspberry, honeycomb, fruit & nut, fizzy vegan, ginger and chilli.


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To find out more about Chocablock featured in this blog post please click here.

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