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Organically created, unique gifts and furnishings designed with nature.

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John Skilleter

I am John. A former engineer and forester. I arrived here at the arts and crafts centre as a volunteer, wanting to learn about wood craft. After 3 months I was offered this business by my teachers and have been here now as a Welsh artist since 2010.

Handmade Wooden Furniture, Gifts & Pyrography

We make wood creations made with locally salvaged timbers, historical beams and wind blown trees. What we find, shapes what we make. Every tree is unique, every plank from that tree is unique. Working with the grain, gets the best out of each piece. Large timbers are for making the bigger items like tables, smaller timbers for smaller items like stools or chopping boards. Decorative timber can be used for a clock or a bowl. There is a great selection in our gallery, but if you need something to fit a specific space like a mantle piece or bedside table, then we are open to commissions.

We also have Welsh artists who specialise in pyrography. Using a “hot” pen which burns into the wood, we can draw or write on wood. A picture, a poem, a quote, or even a personalised message for a loved one. If you would like to commission a birthday wish, a poem to a lover, an inspirational quote for a friend or a sacred verse for your home we will be happy to help out.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for crafty things to do in Mid Wales, we host furniture building courses at the arts and crafts centre. We’ll help you build your own furniture out of reclaimed materials, and it makes for a great family day out in North Wales.

Our Inspiration

After falling in love with the valley I am constantly in awe by the abundance and beauty which is all around us. The natural forms and shapes that this environment displays, inspires me to recreate the outdoors, indoors. Working with my hands, shaping the timbers which I have personally found from a walk, a visit to a local farmer friend or a customer who donates a special piece of wood to me to make something special is a real honour. In 2009 as a volunteer I helped build a giant throne which 13 of us carried up Cadair Idris mountain. It was unfortunately not allowed to stay up there. There is however a happy ending to this tale, The Eden Project heard of our story and offered it a home. It is now in the Mediterranean bio dome where stories are told on her everyday at 2pm.

I have been lucky enough to make a Yew chair for Montgomery Eisteddfod 2011.

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Try your hand at craft techniques

We offer one day furniture building courses. Please see our website for details.

Enjoy hands-on craft techniques at Taran Eco Designs

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