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Taran Eco Designs

Organically created, unique gifts and furnishings, designed with nature

Organically created, unique furnishings designed in nature!

We do… Courses, Driftwood Sculptures, Indoor & Outdoor Furniture, House signs, Pyrography, Custom-made one-offs!

And best of all... no forests are ever harmed in the making of our products!

About Taran Eco Designs

Many of us travel through life not knowing exactly where we are going. We spend our days happily absorbed in the adventure, embracing opportunities and encounters that open new doors, nudge us in new directions, allowing us to drift into the right place at the right time.

Taran Eco Designs is part of such a journey that began with a single step, a step that drew me deep into the wondrous beauty of nature, a step that showed me the magic of the woods, a step that was followed by another and another until I arrived in the hills of Wales.

Nature, gifted opportunities, beautiful people plus an open heart have allowed me to see what is within each piece of wood and helped me to reveal it for others to see.

Each piece made at Taran Eco Designs is unique, each creation is formed with a personal love as I build primarily for myself. Once finished I am blessed to have the amazing opportunity of being able to share the beauty with you, allowing you and others to see what was once hidden beneath the bark and grime.

The journey is not finished yet as each year new ideas, people and opportunities appear. Commission work, guest artists, brief encounters, fallen trees create an ever evolving environment to be shared.

All it takes to start a journey is a single step, maybe one day our steps will collide. John Skilleter

Hands-on & Fun at Taran Eco Designs

Create your own eco-friendly furniture. One/two day courses run throughout the year. No experience necessary. Success guaranteed! Furniture includes Hobbit stool £100, Coffee Table £125, Chair £150, Bench £150. For custom made designs contact us for details. Minimum age 16. Please email us to book your course.