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Unique pottery inspired by the area where we work. Pottery Painting activities.

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Lahn Hinchliffe

My mother and father started the handmade pottery business in 1982. I worked in pottery as a child in the 1990s, learning about the pottery business and helping create new products. I returned to the pottery business in 2015, and used my childhood experiences in the business and the area where I grew up to influence the pottery I now make.

Handmade Pottery and Ceramics

Handmade pottery including large mugs, bowls, plates, vases, and jugs. The glazes we have developed are inspired by the southern Snowdonia area. Our popular glaze finishes are called ‘In the Night Sky’ and ‘Deri River Stone’. The former is influenced by the area's International Dark Skies Reserve Status, and the latter by the local Deri river that runs at the bottom of the valley.

We are proud to live and work in such a beautiful area of Wales, and this has pushed our creativity into designing and making a collection of ceramic Welsh Dragon art. Our dragons can be made to breath fragrant mist using an ultrasonic diffuser, or made to breath fragrant smoke using incense cones. The dragons are popular when used outside with incense to help ward off mosquitos and midges.

In our workshop, you can paint your own pottery decorations! Choose from a selection of ceramics made by our Welsh artists, then use our paint and tools to decorate your creation. It’s great fun for family days out in North Wales.

Our Inspiration

The southern Snowdonia area has had a great influence on the ceramics we produce at Quarry Pottery. ‘In the Night Sky' range of ceramics has been inspired by the area’s International Dark Sky Reserve status.

Snowdonia was announced as an International Dark Sky Reserve in December 2018 and is only the tenth in the world. This designation is given by the International Dark Sky Institute to select destinations that have proven that the quality of their night air is outstanding and real efforts are being made to reduce light pollution.

Lahn Hinchliffe from Quarry Pottery who designed and made the new In the Night Sky range was born and brought up in this area of Snowdonia and has always been amazed by the clarity of the night sky. The ceramic range has been inspired by this natural beauty and includes a midnight blue colour with special detail to represent the serenity of the Snowdonia night sky.

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Try your hand at craft techniques

Experience the creative atmosphere of a working pottery whilst painting your own ceramic masterpiece. Choose from a large selection of pottery items and glazes.

Numbers are limited with a maximum of 20 people seated at any one time. Pottery painting is recommended for ages 7+ and all adults with prices starting from £20 per painter which includes a ceramic piece, 1.5 hours studio time, glazes and firing.

Your finished items will be fired, glazed and cooled and can either be collected from Quarry Pottery (usually within 2 days) or we can post it to you for as little as £5.

Also available... Pottery Throwing Experiences

Our friendly potter will guide you through the process of throwing a pot on the potters wheel. You will learn how to centre the clay, throw an even shaped pot and turn your pot into a unique shape using a variety of fun techniques. Choose your favourite pot you have thrown and we will glaze it, fire it and send it to your chosen address within 5 weeks.

£50 per person or £90 for 2 people throwing together during a 1 hour session.
For the Pottery Painting and Pottery Throwing Experience, please book in advance or telephone 01654 701613 or 07366474037.

Enjoy hands-on craft techniques at Quarry Pottery

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