Make Your Own Candles at the Candle Studio

A Huge Range of Beautiful Candles

Hand carved candles, scented candles, novelty candles, pillars, tapers, votives, outdoor candles, church candles & T-lights.

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Kym & Debra Francis

Kym & Debbie grew up in Corris and watched the Craft Centre being built. Kym has been making candles here for nearly 35 years, Debbie joined him 8 years later. With their help, you too can make your own candles in one of their workshop sessions.

A Huge Range of Beautiful Candles

While you check out the other contemporary Welsh artists at the centre, step into our studio and see us at work on most days. We hand carve our beautiful range of unique candles in a range of colours and sizes, and you can see the candle making experience close up. Whether you’re looking to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere or a themed candle for a special occasion, we’ve got the candles.

We pride ourselves on the great range of candles available in our studio. Our range of pillar candles are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes as is our vast collection of carved candles. All year round our range of Christmas candles are available, including glittery Christmas trees, one of our bestsellers! We also make Halloween themed candles with skulls and ghosts.

Our votive and t-light candles come in 15 different scents and colours. We also create candles for your garden, packed with citronella to keep the bugs away.

We don’t offer online ordering, however you can place orders over the phone, and we will carefully package our candles for you when you come to the centre on your days out in North Wales.

Our Inspiration

Kym learnt much of his candle making knowledge through reading books and a lot of trial and error (at least wax can be melted and reused!). In those early days, he also sought advice from other candle makers.

Inspired by Wales and his country, Kym’s candle collection includes the Welsh dragon and Welsh daffodils.

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Try your hand at craft techniques

Customers can make their own candles by starting with just a wick and dipping it into various colours to produce a pair of tapered candles with up to four different wax colours. This activity takes about 15 minutes and then another 15 minutes for the candles to set before you can take them home to enjoy.
To book, please call in.

Enjoy hands-on craft techniques at The Candle Studio

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