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Mixed Media Artworks, Welsh Dragon Art & Photographic prints

Mixed Media Artist, Photographer and Gallery Owner based in Corris, Powys.

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Sammi Wilson

I am Sammi - I was born in the 70s, raised in the 80s and “lived life” (aka partied to the maximum) in the 90s. I am quite a gentle soul with a streetwise attitude and a wicked sense of humour. Nothing about me is conventional, and if there is an easy path or a difficult one – I will always be found tackling the latter!

I have lived in North London all my life, however, I have a strong and deep-rooted Welsh heritage in Wales as my Father was a Cardiff boy, born and bred. Mum’s family are in the surrounding locality of Dolgellau, Harlech and Friog, where I have now made my home as a Welsh artist. Come see my work in the arts and crafts centre on your days out in North Wales!

Mixed Media Artworks, Welsh Dragon Art & Photographic prints

My work is mainly abstract and very colourful. I’d say it reflects my personality! I have a love of the bizarre and have a wild and highly overactive imagination which sometimes finds its way into my artwork.

I love manipulating colour and pushing the products I use to their limits. I experiment with organic additives to change the way the paint or inks work, and use heat and fire in a controlled environment. The techniques and processes I use in my work have taken a long time to perfect, a lot of binned paper and khaki coloured paintings! And although I feel as an artist, I have finally found my own style, I do get bored very easily and can often be found experimenting with something new!

I also have a passion for photography and whilst undergoing treatment for Cancer I studied photography at College via distance learning, obtaining both a Certificate, Diploma and advanced Diploma in Photography all with distinction. I also have Certificates and Advanced Diplomas with distinction in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for post shoot processing.

Now in remission, I specialise in shooting landscapes and seascapes. I can often be found out and about photographing in the middle of extreme weather events, generally when others enjoy being inside in the warm and dry.

Our Inspiration

I find huge inspiration around me, especially now I live in this exceptionally beautiful part of the world. I am especially inspired by the weather, the sea, the land and space. Some of my works have an almost 3D feel to them.

My early artworks were heavily influenced by a love of graffiti and inner city street art, the colours and bold style paired with a love of RnB Music and the UK Garage scene. But, as I have matured, I have refined my work , keeping the colours and vibrancy but manipulating them, allowing the colours to speak for themselves.

Our Awards & Accolades

  • I am a self taught artist but I have definitely graduated from the University of Life with a First Class BA hons, First Class Masters and of course a PHD!
Sammi Wilson Art, illustrated and handprinted Ddraig Goch  
Sammi Wilson Art, a vibrant and colourful painting in ink and handmade watercolour paint  
Small original framed colourful and bright artworks by Sammi Wilson Art at Corris Craft Centre  
A Watercolour painting of a tufted duck by Janice Wilson at Sammi Wilson Art, Corris Craft Centre  
Sunset over Barmouth Beach by Sammi Wison Art at Corris Craft Centre  
A vibrant Giant Pink Pacific Octopus by Sammi Wilson Art at Corris Craft Centre  

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