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Mixed Media Artworks and Photographic prints

Mixed Media Artist, Photographer and Gallery Owner based in Corris, Powys.

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Sammi Wilson

I am Sammi - I was born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s and “lived life” (aka partied to the maximum) in the 90’s.

I am quite a gentle soul with a streetwise attitude and a wicked sense of humour. Nothing about me is conventional and if there is an easy path or a difficult one - I will always be found tackling the latter!

I have lived in North London all my life, however, I have a strong and deep rooted Welsh heritage in Wales as my Father was a Cardiff boy, born and bred and Mum’s family are in the surrounding locality of Dolgellau, Harlech and Friog where I have now made my home.

Mixed Media Artworks and Photographic prints

My work is mainly abstract and very colourful. I’d say it reflects my personality!
I have a love of the bizarre and have a wild and highly overactive imagination which sometimes finds its way into my artwork.

I love manipulating colour and pushing the products I use to their limits. I experiment with organic additives to change the way the paint or inks work. I also use heat and fire in a controlled environment. The techniques and processes I use in my work have taken a long time to perfect, a lot of binned paper and khaki coloured paintings! And although I feel as an artist, I have finally found my own style, I do get bored very easily and can be often found experimenting with something new!

I also have a passion for photography and whilst undergoing treatment for Cancer I studied photography at College via distance learning, obtaining both a Certificate, Diploma and advanced Diploma in Photography all with distinction. I also have Certificates and Advanced Diplomas with distinction in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for post shoot processing.

Now in remission, I specialise in shooting landscapes and seascapes and can often be found, out and about photographing in the middle of extreme bad weather events, generally when others who are slightly more sane, enjoy being inside in the warm and dry.

Our Inspiration

I find huge inspiration around me, especially now I live in this exceptionally beautiful part of the world. I am especially inspired by the weather, the sea, the land and space. Some of my works have an almost 3D feel to them.
My early artworks were heavily influenced by a love of graffiti and inner city street art, the colours and bold style paired with a love of RnB Music and the UK Garage scene.
But, as I have matured, I have refined my work , keeping the colours and vibrancy but manipulating them, allowing the colours to speak for themselves.

Our Awards & Accolades

  • I am a self taught artist but I have definitely graduated from the University of Life with a First Class BA hons, First Class Masters and of course a PHD!
Sammi Wilson Art, illustrated and handprinted Ddraig Goch  
Sammi Wilson Art, a vibrant and colourful painting in ink and handmade watercolour paint  
Small original framed colourful and bright artworks by Sammi Wilson Art at Corris Craft Centre  
A Watercolour painting of a tufted duck by Janice Wilson at Sammi Wilson Art, Corris Craft Centre  
Sunset over Barmouth Beach by Sammi Wison Art at Corris Craft Centre  
A vibrant Giant Pink Pacific Octopus by Sammi Wilson Art at Corris Craft Centre  

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