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Spellbound Herbals

Using Nature's Remedies for Natural Problems

My studio is now open on weekends only until 1st April when it will be open every day. My website is open 24/7 for information and orders.

I make natural, handcrafted health and wellbeing herbal lotions and potions. The range I have created includes these best sellers: Arthritic Relief lotion, Fountain of Youth face and neck cream, Hair and Scalp revitalising oil, Sandalwood and Aloe Vera Anti itch skin soothing lotion, Sore Muscle and Ligament injury massage oil, Bright Eyes skin lotion.

About Spellbound Herbals

I originally created my product to help heal myself. I desperately wanted to make a cream which was safe, soothing and repairing for all skin types, however sensitive, because I was suffering from an intense allergic dermatitis around my eyes and nothing the doctors were giving me was working well enough.I had been prescribed steroid creams that were gradually thinning the delicate skin around my eyes; and which was becoming intolerably painful to use and which was resulting in unsightly skin damage to the skin around my eyes; aging me terribly too.It took many years of study and trial and error on myself, working towards the perfect soothing and repairing ingredients, before my skin and body range was born. The results were dramatic.Using my Bright Eyes skin lotion my eyelid skin became smooth and healthy once more with no more need for the steroid creams. All wrinkles were greatly repaired and now I am often told I look much younger than I am(on a good day!)After further development, I created an extended range to aid many areas of the face, neck and body no matter who it is for, or what their skin type is. My products are safe and effective and extremely gentle for everyone to use. The results often astound people in their healing. My comments book is getting filled with wonderful feedback from happy customers no longer in as much pain or discomfort. One of the most touching stories regarding my lotions is of a small toddler who had cried all night for most of his life due to itchy and sore skin. He had been on all sorts of medicated creams from the doctors to no avail. His parents were beside themselves with worry and sleep deprivation. After using my Anti itch balm he slept the entire night through and has done ever since and his skin has cleared up immensely. In fact Mum had been so used to him crying at night that she was awake all night checking on him because she couldnt hear him crying! After the first night she realised he no longer was in pain from his skin and at last, she could rest at night too. It always cheers me to think of the way Nature's Herbs have helped that little boy through my products at Spellbound Herbals. These occasions-of which there have been many, keep me inspired and actively wanting to continue making my lotions to aid in the healing of others. Sarah Dalzell (nee Dyer)