King Arthur's Labyrinth

Starting from the Corris Craft Centre in Mid Wales, King Arthur’s Labyrinth is a unique visitor attraction where you sail through a magical underground waterfall and deep into the mountains of Southern Snowdonia. Enjoy the exciting finale - Dragon River!

This underground storytelling adventure is time travel at its best. Equipped with a hard hat you’re greeted by a mysterious hooded boatman who takes you by underground boat and through a magical waterfall; your gateway to the Dark Ages and to the life and times of King Arthur.

After docking the boat, the hooded boatman guides you around the vast caverns and winding tunnels of the Labyrinth. With the adventure unfolding you’ll find ancient stories of King Arthur and other Welsh legends too. Dramatic scenes, light and sound help to bring these stories to life.

Enjoy the myths and legends of Welsh dragons, giants, battles, devastating floods and many more. This is a real adventure for young and old whatever the weather.

Dragon River is an exciting finale to the adventure - will you escape the dragons' clutches and return safely to the outside world?

Remember, you will be underground where the temperature is cool and the floor's a little damp so wrap up warm, wear good shoes and be prepared for the dragons...

Don't miss our outdoor storytelling maze, which is open daily Lost Legends of The Stone Circle

Our Gift shop is filled with Arthurian, Celtic, dragon and unicorn themed gifts, books, clothes and souvenirs and opens every day.

To find out more visit the King Arthur’s Labyrinth website.


Sail through the magical waterfall into a time of Legend
A Dark Age Boatman taking visitors into King Arthur’s Labyrinth
King Arthur’s Labyrinth - an underground storytelling adventure